Payment interface for truck entry passes to restricted areas of Satu Mare

There is restriction within the radius of the Municipality of Satu Mare for the movement of vehicles intended for the transport of goods and materials, as well as of self-propelled machines with a maximum authorized mass of more than 3.5 tons (mtma) is restricted. Access within the radius of the Satu Mare Municipality is allowed only on the basis of an access authorization for heavy transport, according to HCL 139/2023 (City Council decision). 24-hour heavy traffic access permits are issued for all areas.
Season tickets can be made for a period of 1 month (30 days), 6 months (180 days) or 1 year (365 days), for all areas of the municipality, except for the central area, where they are not valid.
For the central area, Season tickets are issued only at the Satu Mare City Hall.
Access to the central area for vehicles with a gross vehicle weight greater than 3.5t can be done between the following hours:
06:00 – 07:30; 09:00 – 15:30 and 18:00 – 22:00.
Access and circulation of these vehicles in the central area is prohibited within the following time intervals:
7:30-9:00, 15:30-18:00 and 22:00-06:00.
The proof of holding the access authorization for heavy transport is based on the payment document.
Creating an account facilitates making payments, the companys data being saved.
Means of transport with a maximum authorized mass of more than 3.5 tons will have access to the Municipality of Satu Mare, for transit, without obtaining an access authorization for heavy traffic, on the transit routes specified in art. 7 of the Regulation to HCL 139/2023, (marked with a green line on the map). The Local Police has the right to verify the authorization, and the IT platform is connected with the Local Police dispatcher and the verification is done in real time.
The platform uses an external payment processor. Any system malfunctions will be fixed as soon as possible. Telephone number for referrals: 0361-919.